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Team Builder Kit–fill out your info on the home page and we'll send you some swag and brochures to help you get the word out. *$5 shipping and handling not included.

Here are quick steps you can take to get your team filled in no time.
  1. Call your best friends and get a co-captain. Each of you can recruit 5 runners and 1 volunteer to your team. Half the work with all the results.

  2. Post this message on your Facebook page.

    "Check out this amazing 12 person running relay race August 14-15th in the Tetons! I am putting together a team and want friends to come play in the sweetest running relay ever. Can you also forward this message to your running buddies? Thanks!"

  3. Send out an email to all of your running pals. Here is some text you can use to help get them fired up.


"I am pumped about this 12 person running relay up in the Tetons on August 14-15th. You gotta join my team for this awesome race. Check it out at Can you also forward this message to your running buddies? Thanks!"

  4. Once 6 of your friends have committed to join you please register your team. No need to wait until all 12 spots are filled. Once the word gets out people will be begging to get involved!

    Finally, we want to help you any way we can. Email us at and we can hook you up with any runners who have contacted us looking for a team.
Name your team. Please, for the love!
Let your creativity flow. This is your chance to let it all out. To let the world know how clever and kooky you really are.

Decorate your van, man!
Although not required, decorating your van can help to set you apart from those not so wild and fun teams. Bottom line, you will feel sorely left out on race day if you van is void of cool décor. The best decorated vans will receive great prizes, so let the creative juices flow!

Costumes? Definitely.
Speaking of Sasquatch (there have been sightings in the area), runners are invited to get in touch with their inner child and whip out awesome costumes. Ladies always love a good man dressed in a tutu, and it has been rumored that Super Girl is roaming the racing circuit. At the very least, get some cool matching t-shirts for your team so you don't feel left out.

Operating under permit by the
Caribou-Targhee and Bridger-Teton National Forests. Grand Teton Relay™ is an equal opportunity provider.
The Grand Tetons are the highlight of the relay. Travelers come from around the globe to see it's peaks. Check out more about the course.
Grand Teton Relay™ is proud to team up with The Idaho Foodbank and donate a portion of the proceeds to their cause. Grand Teton Relay™ will also be working to raise cash and food donations.
Relay running is becoming more popular. While you could run any other relay, you will find the Grand Teton Relay™ offers terrain and views that cannot be duplicated. Note: The Grand Teton Relay™ is not affiliated with the Epic Cache-Teton Relay.