Q What is it?
The Grand Teton Relay™ is a 12 person running relay covering 180 miles of beautiful, challenging and varied terrain including Island Park, Grand Targhee, and Jackson Hole. The race begins in Ashton, ID and ends at Teton Village, WY.

Q What is a 12 person running relay?
A relay run is a team event where each person runs a set distance, between 4 and 7 miles called a 'leg', then hands off the baton to the next member of their team and so on through 36 legs. The GT Relay™ includes 12 runners divided into 2 vans of 6. The first van will start the race and run the first 6 legs then the second van runs the next 6 legs and so on to the finish.

Q Why do it?
Grand Adventure
Let's face it. Life can get pretty monotonous. You need adventure to look forward to, and this course will deliver. Barring Azheimers, you will never forget your adventure through the Tetons. Running in the shadows of the Tetons with your best friends is the ultimate road trip!

Connect with Friends
Nothing says friendship like 24 hours in a cramped, stinky, wild party wagon. You will connect with your friends, old and new, in ways you never could in your regular life. Just think of the stories you will tell!

The Tetons
The GT Relay™ offers many things no other race can…the biggest being the Tetons. The views of these famous peaks will follow your team across rolling farm hills, steep mountain roads, and fast running trails. Imagine the moon shining over the peak of the Grand, lighting your way through the rugged Idaho country. It might make you cry (If you are into that sort of thing) .

Q Is the Grand Teton Relay™ the same as the Epic Cache-Teton Relay?
No. The Grand Teton Relay™ is not affiliated with the Epic Cache-Teton Relay.

Q What is the age requirement to participate in the GTRelay?
Runners must be 14 as of the day of the relay to participate in the GTRelay. All minors under 18 must have a signed GTRelay Waiver and Forest Service Acknowledgement of Risk document signed by a parent or guardian and a hard copy turned in at the start line.

Q How much will each person run?
Each runner will cover three, 4-7 miles legs. As a team you get to decide your runner order and thereby choose what distances each runner will cover. That way your slower or more novice runners can take the less intense legs, and the animals on your team can conquer the mountains.

Q Can we run a team with less than 12 members?
Sometimes close to race day you may have unexpected injuries or date conflicts that arise with your team members. As long as a registered member of your team completes each leg, you can participate in the relay with less than a full team. There is not a discount given if you run with less than 12 or 6 runners.

Q Does the captain pay the entire team fee when they register?
Yes. The entire team fee is paid when the team captain registers. Captains manage the collection of fees from each team member.

Q Does the captain register all the team members or just the team?
The captain will register as the team captain, assign the team name and pay the registration fee. They will then be emailed a confirmation and an invitation code they give to their team members who can then go online and register themselves individually. Register at www.IMAthlete.com.

Q Who do we contact with registration problems?
For registration system problems contact IMAthlete directly support@imathlete.com or 877-462-7979 x 1.

Q Do all teams start at the same time?
The start is staggered on Friday morning from 6am to about 5pm. Your team start time is determined by the projected time it will take for your team to finish the race. Typically slower teams will start the race earlier in the day.

Q When will I receive a start time?
Team captains will be emailed start times approximately 1 month prior to the race. Start times are calculated based on the pace estimates entered by each runner during the registration process. Start times cannot be assigned until at least 9 runners have registered from your team (4 for ultra teams). Start times are also posted on the Blog 1 month prior to the race.

Q Will you have a captain meeting?
A team captain teleconference call will be held mid-summer to share all new info about the relay and any changes to the course etc. The call is live and we invite all to join live if possible. We will also record the call and email links to all registered runners to listen at their convenience. Captains will be emailed the date and access info prior to the call. Even if you have run previous years, we encourage your team to listen.

Q Where do we sleep during the race?
Who said anything about sleep?! If you insist on a little shut-eye, there are designated locations along the course. Each location will be identified in the race guide. Most teams bring along sleeping bags and pillows and camp out at the designated locations when their van is not the running van.

Q Is food provided on the course?
Food is available for purchase at the start line, Teton High School Sleep Area, and the Finish Line. Light refreshments are provided for free at Tetonia Transition 18 (hot cocoa), Victor City Park Transition 30 (popsicles and water), and the Finish Line. For detailed information on food availability check the course guide.

Q What happens if we get low on gas?
The race guide will contain a list of all local gas stations so your team doesn't have  to push you up the hills.

Q How do runners get from one van exchange to the next?
Your team will have 2 vehicles, 6 runners in each vehicle. Vehicle 1 will start the race in Ashton. After sending the first runner on their way, they will drive the same route as their runner, cheering them along the way and going to the first transition to get the second runner ready. The second runner will get the hand-off from the first runner, the vehicle will pick up the first runner and they will continue on. All 6 runners will complete one leg and then they will meet vehicle 2 at the van exchange. Vehicle 2 will then begin with runner 7 and so on. When your van is not the active van, you can rest, eat, sleep, and hang out getting ready for your next turn.

Q Do both vans need to be at the starting line in Ashton?
Both vans will need to come to the starting line for a safety briefing on race morning. Times for the safety briefings will be given to team captains at least one month before the relay. There will be several options available for the briefings to give van 2 plenty of time to travel to van exchange 1 in Island Park. So both vans don't have to come to the briefing at the same time, but both vans will need to attend a safety briefing that morning.

Q Who provides the vehicles?
Teams must provide their own vehicles. You can also rent a van if no one on your team has an acceptable vehicle.

Q What types of vehicles do you recommend?
Suburbans and 8 passenger vans work great. Some teams will rent 15 passenger vans to get more room.

Q Will the course be marked?
Yes. There will be signage at every major turn and any confusing intersections on the course. After dark signs will be lit up or have an LED light to make them visible. There will also be volunteers at each Van Exchange and at key Runner Transitions along the route to help you along the way.

Q Where can we stay the night before and the night after the race?
Many lodging options are located in Rexburg, which is a short 20 minute drive from the starting line in Ashton. Following the race, Teton Village provides lodging ranging in price from $100 a night and up . . . like way up. Think Four Seasons. Jackson Hole is also a short 20 minute drive and offers many affordable and luxury rooms. GT Relay™ is working to secure discounted rates for teams, and team captains will receive notification of discounted lodging options as they become available.

Q Why does each team provide volunteers?
Races covering 180 miles require tons of manpower. Volunteers are vital to the success, and for this reason each team is required to provide 2 volunteers to work a four hour shift sometime during the event. The volunteers are able to register for their shift and time on a first come first served basis. Volunteer registration will open in June. And when your pal isn't helping with the race, they can jump in your party wagon and live it up with you. If you are unable to provide a volunteer, you can opt to pay $75 per volunteer. This money goes to a local charity who then provides staff to cover the empty volunteer spots.

Q What will the weather be like?
GT Relay™ was chosen for this weekend because historically, the very best weather for the region comes in late August. The average high is 80 (don't forget your sunscreen) and the average low is in the high 40s (don't forget warm gear). There is typically not a lot of rain this time of year. That said, this is the Tetons and weather can be a bit crazy. Runners should be well prepared for whatever mother nature may throw our way.

Q Does Grand Teton Relay support a charity?
GTRelay has teamed up with The Idaho Foodbank to help feed Idaho's hungry families by raising both cash and canned food donations from participating teams and the local community and will be donating a portion of the relay proceeds to The Idaho Foodbank.

How teams can help:
1. Make a cash donation during the registration process.
2. Bring canned goods to the starting line on race day.
How the community can help:
1. Make a cash donation through an online virtual food drive.
2. Bring canned goods to the starting line on race day.

Q Who do we contact with relay questions or concerns not answered here?
For relay specific questions contact heather@grandtetonrelay.com or 801-636 4981.
Operating under permit by the
Caribou-Targhee and Bridger-Teton National Forests. Grand Teton Relay™ is an equal opportunity provider.
The Grand Tetons are the highlight of the relay. Travelers come from around the globe to see it's peaks. Check out more about the course.
Grand Teton Relay™ is proud to team up with The Idaho Foodbank and donate a portion of the proceeds to their cause. Grand Teton Relay™ will also be working to raise cash and food donations.
Relay running is becoming more popular. While you could run any other relay, you will find the Grand Teton Relay™ offers terrain and views that cannot be duplicated. Note: The Grand Teton Relay™ is not affiliated with the Epic Cache-Teton Relay.