To register your volunteer, send them to
Volunteers must be registered by August 1st.
If you opt to pay for volunteers, please notify GTR at by August 1st.
Race Waivers for minors: GT Relay Waiver | USFS Waiver
If you have a minor running on your team, you must print and bring a hard copy of the waivers (GTRelay and Forest Service waivers-2 total) signed by parent or guardian to race check-in. All runners must be 14+.
Team Captain Teleconference Call 2016--if you missed the call, listen to the recording to get all the details.

To listen follow these steps:
1. Call 712-770-4709
2. When prompted, enter access code 433832#
3. When prompted, enter # (no reference number needed)

Download Team Captain Call Transcript Here

2016 Start Times. If your team has not been assigned a start time, you do not have enough runners registered. 12 person teams need 9 runners registered and Ultra teams need 5 runners registered to get your start time. Updates to start times after 7/17 will be found under the Blog tab.

2015 Finish Times

2015 King and Queen of the Hill Results
King of the Hill- Tyler Killpack from Teton Neon Turtles with a time of 50:18.92
Queen of the Hill- Jennifer Saathoff from Safety Third with a time of 59:58.66.

2016 Finish Times

2016 King and Queen of the Hill Results
King of the Hill-Conner Peloquin from This is a 5K, right? with a time of 46:47.55. *Course Record
Queen of the Hill-Jennifer Saathoff from Safety Third with a time of 1:00:28.95

Operating under permit by the
Caribou-Targhee and Bridger-Teton National Forests. Grand Teton Relay™ is an equal opportunity provider.
The Grand Tetons are the highlight of the relay. Travelers come from around the globe to see it's peaks. Check out more about the course.
Grand Teton Relay™ is proud to team up with The Idaho Foodbank and donate a portion of the proceeds to their cause. Grand Teton Relay™ will also be working to raise cash and food donations.
Relay running is becoming more popular. While you could run any other relay, you will find the Grand Teton Relay™ offers terrain and views that cannot be duplicated. Note: The Grand Teton Relay™ is not affiliated with the Epic Cache-Teton Relay.